​Brenda Race Club

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Brenda Race Club Swimmer of the Quarter

Hi, my name is Sofia Amaral, I’m 11 years old. My favorite color is blue, favorite food is steak. I like to travel, this summer I went to Cabo and swam with dolphins, did snorkeling, and horseback riding on the beach, I had a lot of fun. I go to La Rosa Elementary school in Ceres, and I am in 6th grade. My favorite subject is math. I also like reading books, going to movies, and swimming. This Summer Coach John taught me about Fin Swimming, swimming underwater is a lot of fun. I have been training with Coach John to improve my technique and times. My favorite stroke is breaststroke, I hope one day to be an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Coach John: Rarely in a coach’s life do you find an athlete like Sofia. She has the DRIVE, AMBITION, and WORK ETHICT, like a true Champion. She reminds me of a 13 year old young lady who came on my pool deck by the name of Misty Hyman, who went on to win a Gold Medal at the 2000 Olympics in the 200 meter butterfly. She doesn’t talk much, but she takes that energy and pours it into her workout. She is an incredible example to athletes, and her coach. I wish I could sum her up in one word but I can’t, she has amazing talent, she’s small but packs a mean punch! If you’re around the club at 6:30pm come and see this incredible young lady.