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​Brenda Race Club

If you are finding this page you are ready to dive into swimming (a watershed moment if you will), whether it be for your team or your own family. But for many families, swim lessons often begins your opportunity to start your competitive swim career at SOS Aquatics. We know parents “get it” once they try the sport. Once their child begins swimming on a team, they see benefits of the sport that they never realized before. We want to spread that message and make sure all parents know just how great the sport of swimming is. SOS Aquatics will help show families the benefits of team swimming. Here is what parents told us about swimming: Allows kids to see quick improvement compared to other sports. Builds self-confidence, self-esteem and focuses on time management and organization Helps kids learn how to compete, win and lose gracefully Creates Swimming as a more fun, healthy, social, cool, and easier to learn than parents and kids ever imagined sport there is and we want you too have fun and swim hard!

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